Lady Gaga-Inspired Mural Painted on Golden 1 Center

As the 24-hour countdown begins for Lady Gaga to take the Golden 1 Center stage, Sacramento celebrates with a mural inspired by the iconic artist herself.

Christina Angelina is crafting this mural as a part of the “Wide Open Walls” Mural Festival currently taking place in Sacramento. The artwork faces Seventh street between J and K street and will span across three separate walls, one of which being the Golden 1 Center. While Angelina says she doesn’t usually create artwork inspired by celebrities, Lady Gaga was a definite exception.

“I usually paint super strong portraits of beautiful ladies,” she said. “I like she embodies freedom and creativity.” 

Angelina has been working countless hours to finish the mural before Gaga takes the stage on Aug. 15. The Gaga fanatics of Sacramento have been stopping to watch the painter complete the mural, which has been especially motivating for Angelina.  

“It is honoring Lady Gaga and it is exciting for Sacramento,” she says. “Everyone walking by seems very thrilled.”

The “Wide Open Walls” festival runs through Aug. 20 and features artwork all over Sacramento for the public to view.

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