Kendrick Lamar: Reviews Round-Up

Kendrick Lamar has been taking the U.S. by storm with the DAMN. Tour. In the past year the bar was set high, with touring artists such as Drake putting on extravagant shows, but Lamar stays HUMBLE. Lamar takes the stage solo for the majority of show, leaving the focus on his undeniable talent.

See what publications across the country are saying about the tour!


“The Compton-native embodied a stage confidence that only few MCs possess.

Lamar takes a minimalist approach to his production, with flashing lights and the occasional shooting pyro the only real effect to join him on stage.”

Respect Magazine: 

“The DAMN. Tour is truly a delightful experience that sets the bar extremely high for hip-hop shows to come.”

LA Times:

“The idea was that Lamar, a savvy inheritor of L.A.’s gangsta-rap tradition, hasn’t outgrown his connections to the people and the neighborhoods that made him.

He knows how rare his skills are, which is why he can showcase them as plainly as he did in ‘Damn’ cuts like ‘DNA’ and ‘Element’ and ‘Humble’.”


“But because Kendrick has reached a point in his career where few can successfully school him (or dare to even try), the rest of The DAMN. Tour has the feel of a performer with little left to prove. Here, he takes a minimalist approach.”

NY Times: 

“He is a blazing technical rapper and a relentless searcher, and as he has become more famous and successful, he hasn’t backed away from those traits.”

Throughout his hour-and-a-half set, Mr. Lamar was energetic and nimble — his body communicated joy, exasperation, supreme confidence.” 

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