P!NK Blows Sacramento Away With Legendary Beautiful Trauma Tour

Wednesday night’s extraordinary sold out P!nk show at Golden 1 Center is sure to be one this city will be buzzing about for years to come.  

Grammy-award nominated singer/songwriter Julia Michaels did a stellar job of warming up the crowd with her bubbly personality and angelic voice. While whimsically dancing around the stage and interacting with fans every chance she had, she played her own hits like “Issues” and “Uh Huh”. Michaels even performed chart-toppers she wrote for other artists, such as Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar,” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. Her positive energy, smiles, and giggles throughout every song were infectious and proved to be the perfect way to set the tone for a night of pure fun and entertainment.  

When it was finally time for the queen of pop/rock to make her entrance, what an entrance she made! Her show began like a movie, with a man in a tuxedo emerging from hot pink curtains, hilariously playing the recorder along to the famous 20th Century Fox intro tune.

Then, it was showtime. The curtains dropped to reveal a sensory explosion. The star, shining bright in a black shimmering bodysuit, swung down from the ceiling from a giant fuschia chandelier while performing none other than her 2001 anthem, “Get This Party Started”. Continuing with the cinematic theme, the set resembled one of a Hollywood film which takes place in an edgy storybook world painted in pink, pink, and more pink. 

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After an entrance overflowing with that much energy, we knew we were in for an unforgettable show. Following her mesmerizing first act, the storybook world transitioned into a Funhouse at the start of Act 2. 

While performing “Revenge” — a song featuring Eminem on her latest album — a giant, inflatable puppet version of the rapper emerged from underneath the stage. Accompanied by two dancers/puppeteers, “Eminem” was able to mouth his verses. The fun continued as she performed songs from her soon-to-be released album Hurts 2B Human, such as “Walk Me Home,” and “Hustle”. 

Amazingly, between music numbers, the rockstar found time to interact with fans consistently throughout the show. Aside from bending down to touch fans’ hands and making a point of making those in the back of the house feel included by asking how they were doing throughout the night, she even accepted gifts from a few lucky fans. For instance, during “Just Like Fire,” she grabbed a knit hat handed to her by a fan and sported it for a good portion of the song.

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THIS right here 👆 is why we love @pink… She sported a knit frog 🐸 hat gifted by a fan during her performance 😂

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P!nk’s desire to make everyone feel like part of the show was taken to new heights during her performance of “So What?” We’ve seen her perform acrobatics at award shows on TV, but there are no words to describe the raw thrill and excitement of watching the star on a harness backflipping through the air while circling the arena. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house as she greeted fans in every section along the way, all while beautifully belting out one of her most popular songs.

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@pink showing us why she’s a straight up ROCK STAR 😱🙌

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And this wasn’t the only song she performed in the air. She also sang portions of “Raise Your Glass” while twirling in the air. And as if that wasn’t enough fun to watch, confetti then came pouring from the ceiling as she performed “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”. 

After a beautiful encore performance of “Glitter in the Air” (which she performed while rocking a plain white t-shirt and jeans), the “movie” was over. The credits rolled on the big screen, lights were off on the set, and we were all left in awe trying to wrap our brains around the magnificence of the night.

As the show came to an end, fans were seen hugging and wiping tears from their eyes. Not only is this a testament to a great show, but it is also telling of how much P!nk and her message means to her fans. Her music inspires people to adopt her same level of confidence, fearlessness, ambition, and power to be your authentic self through and through. This is just one of the many reasons her star power remains burning so bright after all these years. 

P!nk pulled out all the stops for this tour. It was a production like no other — oozing with glitz and glam, endless dancing, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, and indescribable levels of energy and talent. Let’s all “Raise A Glass” to P!nk and an amazing sold out show in the capital city!

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