2019 MTV VMA’s Recap & “Meme-able” Moments

What happens when you get some of the biggest names on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the same room? The MTV Video Music Awards, naturally. So what happened at the 2019 MTV VMAs? If you missed who took home a Moon Person, who lit up the stage, and who created the most meme-worthy moments, not to worry.

Check out our thoughts on the 2019 Video Music Awards alongside some of our favorite “meme-able” moments.

Video For Good & Video Of The Year: Taylor Swift – “You Need to Calm Down” 

Taylor was nominated for a whopping 12 Moon People this year. Taylor was laying low after she released her last album back in 2017. In reality, she’s been working on Lover, creating hit after hit, only to come back to the VMAs, win some awards, and slay our whole lives. 

Song Of The Year: Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus – “Old Town Road (Remix)”

We weren’t even a little surprised this song won considering the amount of times it’s been played on the radio, and the fact that we’re still jamming to it. When the rapper pulled out his “little speech” it had us cracking up. Major congrats to Lil Nas X on his first award ever.

Best Collaboration: Shawn Mendes // Camila Cabello – “Señorita” 

Are our dreams officially crushed now that Shawn and Camila are a pop-duo power couple? Oh yeah. But, are we here for it? Absolutely. Shawn might be calling someone else his “señorita” but their performance on the VMA stage gave us the feels and them a Moon Person. 

Best Pop Song: The Jonas Brothers – “Sucker”

We are not exaggerating when we say that millions of JoBro’s fans have waited 11 years for this moment. Our inner twelve-year-old was just about ready to wave around old J-14 magazine posters and throw on a red dress when Joe, Nick, and Kevin hit the stage. It was hard to keep composure as pop’s three favorite brothers took home a well-deserved VMA in their home state.

Video Vanguard Award: Missy Elliot

The annual Video Vanguard Award is given to an inspiration in the entertainment industry that honors their body of work. For the 4-time Grammy winner, Missy Elliot, this sort of accolade was long overdue. She performed her classic throwbacks for fans and even brought out dancer, Alison Stoner, on stage. 

In her accpetance speech she said, “I have worked diligently for over two decades… I want to dedicate this award to the dance community all around the world. Because when you all get on the stage with these artists, you are not just props. You are not just the icing on the cake, you are the beat to the heart.” Missy Elliot made New Jersey go off, or should we say, “Lose Control”. Honestly, she could put that thing down, flip it, and reverse it forever. We wouldn’t be mad.

There were tons of ‘wow’ moments at this year’s Video Music Awards. Cardi B took home Best Hip Hop, Billie Eilish won Best New Artist, Normani took home some R&B hardware, BTS won a K-Pop Moon Person, and The Chainsmokers came out on top for Best Dance Track. 

We are still not over a night packed with amazing entertainment. But, if we could try to sum up the award show in a gif… We’ll just leave this here.

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