Golden 1 Center Extends Health and Wellness Commitment with Diverse Gluten-Sensitive, Vegan and Veggie Menu Options

Sacramento, Calif. – Doubling down on their commitment to fan health and wellness, the Sacramento Kings introduced gluten-sensitive, vegan and vegetarian options at the newly-opened and state-of-the-art Golden 1 Center. In a new approach to arena food service, the menu at Golden 1 Center was carefully curated to feature items that serve a wide variety of dietary needs.

Golden 1 Center features one of the most forward-thinking food programs in sports, rooted in utilizing local, high-quality ingredients sourced within 150 miles and responsibly raised, grown and harvested in line with a first-of-its-kind charter.

Golden 1 Center’s menu boards identify every vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-sensitive item at each Local Eats stand on the Bridge and Plaza levels – as well as the specialty kiosks throughout the arena. Golden 1 Center’s diverse options – from arena classics to specialty items including Greek and Indian cuisine – provide fans with an opportunity to find a delicious, healthy selection that doesn’t restrict them to a single menu item based on their diet restrictions and choices.

“In every way possible, we are striving to create the best fan experience —from technology to food,” said Kings President Chris Granger. “By providing a wide and diverse menu that includes gluten-sensitive, vegan, and vegetarian options, fans can find a selection or two that will satisfy their hunger, explore new tastes and even find a healthy choice that redefines the way guests think about arena food.”

Stands around the arena offer five vegan options, twelve vegetarian options, and twenty-seven gluten-sensitive options. In Golden 1 Center’s premium clubs and lounges, a vegan, gluten-sensitive, and vegetarian menu option is always available, while house-made, always fresh vegan and gluten-sensitive desserts can be found at half-time.

“Sourcing incredible ingredients from local producers allows us to get creative, and feature items that aren’t found at most arenas,” said Legends General Manager Michael Tuohy. “Our gluten-sensitive, vegetarian, and vegan options provide another healthy choice for fans while helping redefine how fans think about arena food and their experience.”

The Sacramento Kings have made a strong commitment to its fans health and wellness. In addition to the responsibly sourced ingredients and diverse menu options, Golden 1 Center is California’s first smoke-free basketball arena and the first arena in the NBA to offer breastfeeding pods for nursing mothers.

Additionally, the Kings partnered to open Kaiser Sports Medical Clinic – an 18,000 square foot facility adjacent to the arena that will serve patients from across the country with the best sports medicine doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and a neuropsychologist.

Select Gluten-Sensitive Options:
Block Butcher Bar – Mixed Salad
Café Bernardo – Garlic and Herb Fries
Selland’s – Chopped Salad; Pizza 
Petra – Fries
El Jefe –  Spicy Pollo Burrito Bowl, Carnitas Bowl, and Pollo Nacho
Tandoori Palace – Veggie Kabob
Paragary’s –  Mixed Green Salad
Mulvaney’s B&L – Red Chili Pork Fries
Lowbrau – Duck Fat Fries and Dirty Duck Fat Fries
Centro Cocina – Street Taco’s Asada Tacos, Pollo Tacos, Carnitas Taquitos, Guacamole, and Nachos and Cheese
Porchetta House – Chicken, Turkey Legs, and Patatas Bravas
Big Cheese Dog House – Nachos
Lil’ Cheese Dog House – Nachos

Located at kiosks throughout the arena:
Carnitas Nacho, Carne Asada Nacho, and Vegetarian Nacho 
Lamb Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala

Select Vegetarian Options:
Block Butcher Bar – Mixed Salad
Star Ginger – Noodle Salad and Tofu Veggie Bowl
Selland’s – Specialty Pizza
Tandoori Palace – Veggie Kabob
Paragary’s – Margherita Pizza and Mixed Green Salad
Mulvaney’s B&L – Slaw
Porchetta House – Fries and Patatas Bravas
Big Cheese Dog House – Nachos, Pretzels
Raley’s Grab N’ Go salads & wraps

Located at kiosks throughout the arena:
Vegetarian Rice Bowl
Vegetarian Nacho
El Jefe – Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Select Vegan Options:
Café Bernardo – Herb Fries and Garlic Fries
Lowbrau – Vegan Sausage
Porchetta House – Patatas Bravas and Fries
Star Ginger – Tofu Veggie Bowl

Located at kiosks throughout the arena: Vegan Burger, Sausages, and Freeport Bakery Pretzels

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