Curiosity and Excitement Surround DOCO and New Arena

By: Bryan Rollofson

With the opening of Golden 1 Center and Downtown Commons on the horizon, and the promise of a “Downtown Renaissance”, as some are coining it, businesses that have long been based in Downtown Sacramento are preparing by updating their own storefronts.

A prime example is the Downtown Macy’s, which originally opened in 1963. Its doors that will now face the arena, doors that have been closed for more than twenty years, may be reopened in light of its new neighbor. Customers are beginning to see signs of the “new” Macy’s throughout the store as it begins to update its inventory to reflect the transformation of Downtown.

The store’s general manager, Dorla Licausi, noted the variety of ways the Downtown Renaissance is prompting them to prepare. Calling the Sacramento Kings the “catalyst for change” in the Downtown area, she, like many others, is excited about DOCO and the Golden 1 Center.

Other sources of excitement include the announcement made by Kaiser Permanente that it will open a new sports medicine clinic next to the Golden 1 Center that will not only serve Kings players, but be open to the public. In a Sacramento Bee article, Kaiser Permanente Sacramento’s senior VP and area manager said the organization is “proud to be part of the revitalization of downtown Sacramento”.

Along with the pride and excitement, of course, is a noticeable degree of curiosity. Like many longtime fans of the Sacramento Kings, people are intrigued to see what the future holds, not only for the organization and Downtown, but for the greater Sacramento area as well. In Macy’s, certainly, people can’t wait for Golden 1 Center to finally open its doors.

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