Australian Super Fan Travels to See Kings

Mathew Whitely of Perth, Australia traveled nearly 10,000 miles to explore the United States. On his U.S. expedition bucket list — attend a Sacamento Kings game at the new Golden 1 Center.

We caught up with Whitely, joined by his girlfriend Ciara Hinton, following the Kings’ victory over the New Orleans Pelicans. How long have you been a Kings fan?

Mat Whitely: About 13 years. What brought you to tonight’s game?

Mat Whitely: I was traveling around America with my girlfriend and saw the schedule, and just made sure that we got to Sacramento for a game. Had to take a bit of a detour, but we got here. You mentioned you wanted to come for the home opener, but it didn’t work out?

Mat Whitely: I was across the other side of the country, so the back and forth flight probably wouldn’t have made her too happy. You’re from Perth, Australia. How long is that flight? And what other places have you visited?

Mat Whitely: So the flight all together was about 19-20 hours to L.A. We’ve been all over – from Texas, to New Orleans, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Fran. We’re going to Yosemite in a couple of days as well. What do you think about Golden 1 Center?

Mat Whitely: It’s awesome, so good. We went to Barclays (Center in Brooklyn, NY) and this just knocks it out of the water – so cool. The Kings won, how cool was that?

Mat Whitely: I’ve had a good run with my team; seeing them in America, and seeing a good game. I’m really happy that they won. 

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