The Proud Blonde Ale: Exclusively Brewed for Golden 1 Center

A hint of lemon peel and mandarin, and a crisp floral aroma from a generous addition of whole cone Crystal and Chinook hops – the Proud Blonde Ale takes pride in more than just its taste.

The ten-year partnership between the Sacramento Kings and Chico’s Sierra Nevada aligns two organizations that take tremendous pride in their Northern California roots, support for local industry and sustainability efforts.

“Sierra Nevada has long been recognized as a great California brand, and a pioneer in sustainability and environmental responsibility,” Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger said. “They are a great partner to have as we prepare to open Golden 1 Center and we are proud to offer our visitors a nationally-renowned product crafted in our region.”

In Golden 1 Center’s “farm-to-court” mission, came the Proud Blonde – crafted by arena Executive Chef Tuohy and the Sierra Nevada brewers. With help from Legends Hospitality, the three organizations spearheaded the limited release of the special Kings beer brewed exclusively at the new arena. 

“When you open a bottle and take that first sip, you have this great satisfaction. It’s hard to imagine what went into that,” Tuohy said, after filling a glass straight from the barrel. “But once you’re here and you see it from start to finish – wow.”

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