5 Best Foo Fighters Music Videos

The Foo Fighters formed back in 1994 by Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl. Throughout the past 20 years, they have taken the music industry by storm, winning countless awards and nominations.

But, what continuously sets The Foo Fighters apart are their creative and entertaining music videos. Here are five of our favorite music videos over the years…

5. Monkey Wrench (1997)

This music video was directed by the band’s lead singer and songwriter, David Grohl. In the video, Grohl comes back to his apartment to find that his living room is filled with doppelgangers of the entire band.

Check out the entire video here!

4. Long Road to Ruin (2007)

Each of the band members plays a different character in a hospital soap opera in this video. It is meant to be satirical and a spoof of stereotypical 1970-era soap opera videos.

Check out the entire video here!

3. Run (2017)

The latest music video from the Foo Fighters, they take rock n’ roll to a nursing home.

Check out the entire video here!

2. Everlong (1997)

Everlong is essentially a bad dream where the band members have to fight off zombies with extremely enlarged hands. This entertaining video was nominated for “Best Rock Video” at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

Check out the entire video here!

1. Learn to Fly (1999)

The number one video from the Foo Fighters is, “Learn to Fly” where the band members play flight attendants. It won at the 2000 Grammy Awards for “Best Short Form Music Video.”

Check out the entire video here!

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