Your Future Wedding Song by Dan + Shay with Justin Bieber

Stop what you’re doing, because Dan + Shay have a new song with Justin Bieber – just in time for you to be excited for their upcoming tour! 

The country duo has released “10,000 Hours” – a romantic single that effortlessly highlights everything you love about Dan + Shay, while incorporating Bieber’s iconic vocals. Bieber’s pop influence gives the song that extra something. It’s catchy, fun to listen to, and has a good beat. 

The lyrics are sweet and endearing. It’s all about trying to get to know that special someone. When the song was announced, Bieber tweeted “New music. Wedding music.” Conveniently timed, “10,000 Hours” was released only a couple days after Bieber and Haley Baldwin got married for the second time. Would it be too cheesy for them to have danced to a song by Bieber? (We think not.)

The music video includes home videos of each other’s families, with clips of Dan + Shay’s children. Surrounded by flowers, Bieber serenades his wife, Hailey Baldwin, while Dan + Shay do the same with theirs, Abby and Hannah, respectively. 

There is no doubt that “10,000 Hours” will quickly become the first dance song at more than a few weddings in the future. We can’t wait to see Dan + Shay on tour when they stop here on October 24, 2020!

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