The xx is coming to Golden 1 Center on Sept. 26, but until then they’re making their mark around the world.

Here is what everyone is saying about The xx’s performances:

The Mercury News: 

“They just sound so believable, so honest, as they blend their voices and words in tales of broken hearts, houses of cards and unsteady footing.”


“Not only did The xx sound flawless, they have a way of taking their time so that each element in their music is crystal clear. The audience can easily discern how each sound or instrument enters the mix and adds to the drama.”

Dallas observer: 

“Musically, The xx straddled the line between bombastic anthems and intimate bedroom indie rock. Though this duality is a big reason they’re popular, it’s even more pronounced in a live setting.”

The Telegraph: 

“Indeed, it’s the band’s fragility, more than anything, that makes them so appealing. Never was this more apparent last night than during ‘Performance’, an aching ballad about having to hide your inner turmoil, in which Madley Croft crooned under a spotlight, her voice hanging in the air like woodsmoke.”

Pittsburg Post Gazette:

“Quite lovely, actually, seeing as how The xx are like the U2 of quiet intimacy and introspection.” 

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