Reviews Round-Up: Foo Fighters ‘Concrete and Gold’

Foo Fighters have kept their sonic aspirations for their latest album, Concrete and Gold, relatively secret. After months of teasing fans with snippets of information, revealing high-profile collaborators, and tweeting short animated videos – it’s finally here. 

See what the reviews are saying about Concrete and Gold, which is on course to be the band’s second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart

Rolling Stone

“Musically and emotionally, Concrete and Gold is their most balanced record yet – from stadium-punk dive bombers like “Run” and “La Dee Da” to the acoustic soul that opens “T-Shirt,” in which Grohl gets his Nina Simone on, singing, “I don’t wanna be king/I just wanna sing a love song.” “Sunday Rain” is a guitar weeper so late-Beatles great it even has Paul McCartney playing drums on it.” 


“Nine albums in and Dave Grohl knows how to keep the machine running. Concrete and Gold is reliable, relatable, and powerful […] Rock music has had few ambassadors as affable and tireless as Grohl, and over twenty years on, it remains impossible to dislike the Foo Fighters.”

New York Times

“A turbocharged Foo Fighters blast through “Concrete and Gold,” the ninth studio album by a rock band that has been working since 1994 and can still headline arenas. The album is a tenacious attempt to retain the classic-rock virtues that Foo Fighters cherish while using all the flexibility of a digital era.”


“Concrete and Gold shows there’s much, much more left in Foo Fighters’ tank. As long as the ever-passionate Grohl remains infatuated with the light/heavy slant of his musical idols in Led Zeppelin, the layered melodies of The Beatles and the frenetic stomping of Motorhead, the Foos’ brand of rock and roll is flying high and here to stay.”

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