One-on-One with Singer/Songwriter Mickey Singh

Mickey Singh may only be in his twenties, but the up-and-coming singer/songwriter isn’t afraid to bring his own unique take to pop music. The Indian-born artist is set to play halftime of Sunday evening’s Bollywood Night matchup between the Kings/Warriors. Ahead of his performance, Golden 1 took some time to get to know the talented, young musician.

Golden 1 How excited are you for the opportunity to play halftime of Bollywood Night of this Kings vs Warriors game?

Mickey Singh: Extremely excited! I know it’s a big game, but it’s also my first experience performing in an NBA game.

Golden 1 For those who are coming to the game, what kind of performance can fans expect?

Mickey Singh: I like to really connect with my audience, so hopefully by the time I finish they feel like they’ve gotten to know me a little.

Golden 1 Tell us a little bit about your musical style.  How would you describe your sound?

Mickey Singh: My sound is a mixture of influences and a representation of growing up in a multi-cultured world.

Golden 1 Where did your passion for music come from and what made you decide that it was your calling?

Mickey Singh: I just really enjoy performing and creating music and I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to make a career out of it.

Golden 1 You’ve been in the music business really since you were a teenager.  Over the course of time, what are some things that you’ve learned about making it in that industry?

Mickey Singh: Work hard, be authentic, believe in yourself and take chances.

Golden 1 Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Mickey Singh: Michael Jackson, A.R. Rahman and Timbaland.

Golden 1 Tell us about your new single “Phone”.  What was the inspiration behind the making of that particular song?

Mickey Singh: Just about everyone with a heart has a phone (so) figured why not, since there were so many songs about the heart already.

Golden 1 You have a new album that’s slated for release this year.  What can fans expect in regards to that?

Mickey Singh: My best effort!

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