Mayor “Excuses” Residents to Support Civic Growth

Sacramento, Calif – Today, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg called upon the residents of the region to stand up and support the city as it takes the National Stage this weekend. With over 17,000 fans coming downtown, he’s drafting every man, woman, and child to the join the welcome committee.

Under a “tongue-in-cheek mayoral decree,” he has granted a one-time, one-use “absence letter,” for people joining the welcome committee. Download the Mayor’s “absence note.”

“We are thrilled to showcase Sacramento and our incredible Golden 1 Center,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “Soon, the thrill of March Madness will be synonymous with Sacramento.”

Residents are urged to share their notes with friends online and encourage them to join the welcome committee.

The note can be downloaded here.

The party starts at Golden 1 Center at 11 a.m. on Friday. Limited seats are still available at

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