Local Artwork Highlights Golden 1 Center’s Aesthetic Charm

Rocky Widner

By: Jonathan Santiago

Golden 1 Center is known to the masses as the heartbeat of sports and entertainment here in Sacramento.  But outside of the highlight reel dunks and captivating guitar solos on event nights, the new world-class venue also treats its patrons to some of the region’s best local art.

Work your way into the southwest area of Golden 1 Center’s main plaza level and there you will find “Multitudes Converge.”  It’s an inspiring sculpture designed by Midtown artist Bryan Valenzuela.  Constructed of crystalline glass orbs, the piece is a creative representation of where the Sacramento and American Rivers meet.  To create it, Valenzuela utilized materials sourced from Europe – Germany and Czech Republic to be specific.

The result is an aesthetically calming work of art.  For his efforts, the Midtown resident was highlighted in a recent piece for Sacramento365.com.  Here’s a brief snippet.

“I wanted to make something that flows in arena space I was given and also counters the local art controversy around the Koons sculpture. The gold flecks in the piece hint at our Gold Rush history, the subject is our rivers…it’s an aesthetic that is very Sacramento.”

What does it feel like to be a part of the largest public art investment in the City of Sacramento? “I still haven’t processed it. I’m still trying to catch up on sleep! I did feel like a Sacramento ambassador during my time abroad. The artisans and craftspeople I worked with were curious about Sacramento, so I helped bring some awareness to our City.”

The story goes on to chronicle more of Valenzuela’s thoughts on his creation as well as detail his history as an artist.  Find out more by visiting Sacramento365.com.  See “Multitudes Converge” during your next visit to Golden 1 Center displayed above the southwest escalator.

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