JAY-Z’s 4:44 Tour is putting his legacy into perspective. Providing a raw live experience to his fans, the rapper is not letting anyone down on this tour. With a mix of all his classic hits and his new album 4:44, this is a tour you don’t want to miss. 

See what the reviews are saying about JAY-Z’s 4:44 Tour! 

Rolling Stone: 

“JAY-Z’s unusual vulnerability elevates 4:44 to something more than just a tawdry reality show. And the album is full of Love & Hip-Hop­­­-styled revelations.” 

Hot New Hip-Hop:

“For an artist as prolific as Jay, these concerts often serve as a condensed ‘greatest hits.’ While 4:44 was ultimately the focal project, Hov brought out a solid mix of classics, representing many (with a few notable omissions, chiefly American Gangster) of his older albums.”

Phoenix New Times:

“In rhyme, he laid out many of the insecurities and difficulties that have come with being who he is.”

New York Times:

“And yet for all the flash in his music, JAY-Z has always been an unflashy performer — he’s not antic and never overexerts. The effectiveness of his concerts comes from how effortlessly he holds the stage, one man carrying the weight of a genre, and still gliding.”


“And over the course of 90 minutes, Jay proceeded to rock the jam-packed venue from the rafters to the floor while internalizing a continuous stream of fans’ cheers and ‘Hova’ chants.”

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