Happiness Begins With a Sold Out Jonas Brothers Show

Flying in on a platform with fireworks creating a silhouette, the Jonas Brothers finally made their comeback to Sacramento on October 15. 

The Happiness Begins Tour made its stop at Golden 1 Center on Tuesday night, and what a night it was. After their opening acts, Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha, closed out their sets, the excitement in the room could not be contained. Through both sets and in-between, everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along. “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond played through the speakers, and for fans who had been at the last Jonas Brothers show in Sacramento, it was a moment filled with nostalgia. Back then, the brothers did a cover of the classic song, and the Sacramento crowd sang along just as loud now as they did back then. 

Opening the show with “Rollercoaster” from their new album Happiness Begins, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas basked in the screams of their fans. It had been a decade since the brothers had performed in Sacramento, and the excitement in the room was palpable. Kevin talked about when the band was getting back together: “My brothers and I asked if we wanted to do this again and the first words out of my mouth were: ‘Do you think anybody will care?’ Tonight – you care.” Fans in the crowd had waited years for this moment, as was evidenced by signs proudly held up for the guys to see. A group of 3 proudly held a sign that stated “Jonas Brothers fan for 13 years!”

The setlist for the night was filled with classic Jonas Brother jams (“When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “Lovebug,” and “Year 3000” just to name a few), new songs (“Cool,” “Hesitate,” and “I Believe” were from their new album), and fan favorite (“Take a Breath” was played at a fan’s request). 

Highlights of the night included Joe singing “Gotta Find You,” as well as “Play My Music,” both from the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. Mid-show, both Nick and Joe sang songs from their solo endeavors. Nick sang “Jealous” with some help from Joe, as both of their wives — Priyanka and Sophie — sang along in the audience. (Check out the video below!)

Joe also sang his band, DNCE’s hit song “Cake by the Ocean”. On and off the stage, inflatable tube men danced to the music, and a confetti explosion rained down on the crowd. 

During the show, Joe asked, “You came to party tonight, am I right?” The Jonas Brothers gave us a party, alright. The entire show was a spectacle of great moments that created even more energy in the room. As the night continued, there were fireworks, perfectly timed fire effects, and even more confetti. 

After performing “Year 3000,” the brothers came back with a bang to finish the night. Springing up from under the stage, fire pulsed with the beat as Joe sang the opening line to “Burnin’ Up”. After finishing that 2008 classic, they finished the show with “Sucker,” the song that marked their official comeback earlier this year. Confetti rained down once again, and the brothers took their final bow. 

“Jonas Brothers fans are a force to be reckoned with, and we ain’t goin’ nowhere,” Nick said, to which he was met with a loud chorus of screams and applause. Sacramento’s love for the Jonas Brothers is clear, and their comeback was well worth the wait. 

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