Fan Travels from India for First Game

After 14,000 miles and 19 hours of flight-time, Arjun Menon has landed in the United States for the first time.

Menon stated a singular reason to travel to Sacramento from Mumbai, India; and that was to see his role model, Vince Carter.

“I’ve followed his career since his Raptors days,” Mumbai said, while sporting a weathered purple Raptors baseball cap and holding a hand-drawn sign. The 27-year-old explains he has been following the veteran player since he was 10.

“He’s been such an inspiring character for me as a role model, and I wanted to make sure I see him play at least once before he retires.”

Menon continues: “He’s so persistent, all throughout his career he’s taken a role, and he evolves into different roles. He used to be the highlight player but now he’s a veteran, who has a leadership role within the team.”

As for the distance?

“It’s totally worth it,” Menon said with a grin.

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