Fan and His Family Score VIP Arena Experience

It’s not every day guests get to step into a venue like Golden 1 Center and tour the state of the art facility, but for Robert Duong and his family, luck was on their side recently.

With relatives from Australia in town, Duong wanted to show them around Sacramento’s emerging downtown, including DOCO and Golden 1 Center. 

As the group walked around, they realized the arena was not open to the public, so they decided to pursue popular spots like Punch Bowl Social and The Sawyer. 

While in the hotel lobby, Duong’s cousin, William, noticed someone wearing a Kings polo shirt – who turned out to be Kings Senior Director of Interactive & Fan Experience Scott Monaco. He pointed Monaco out to Duong in hopes he could help them out. 

“He looked at me,” recalled Duong. “And I looked at him, and thought maybe he works for the Kings? It just hit me — why don’t we just ask him, maybe he could show us around or take us over there?” 

As he approached the longtime Kings team member, he explained his family was visiting and hoping to see the arena. Without missing a beat, Monaco offered to assist.

“I’m just about to head off,” he began. “But you know what? Let’s do it.”

Thrilled by his response, Duong and his family followed Monaco to the arena.

Expecting a brief look inside the arena, the team veteran, who’s been a part of the Kings family since its arrival in Sacramento, instead gave them the experience of a lifetime. 

As they wandered around admiring the arena interior, Monaco decided to surprise them with a visit to the court. 

Before long, one of the family’s biggest basketball fans, William, had the opportunity to run onto the court and touch the net – like his favorite NBA players. 

“Then Scott walked [over] and told us he was going to take us to another room we would really enjoy,” said Duong.

Eagerly, the group followed Monaco not knowing where they’d land next.

As the large doors opened, their arena experience went from cool to unbelievable, as Monaco welcomed them into the Kings Locker Room.

Duong and his family were beyond thrilled and grateful for the kindness of the Kings staffer’s gesture. 

“It was just amazing what Scott did,” explained Duong. “He represents your company and your organization really well and very professionally. He really did something special for my family – we are very grateful for that. He really went out of his way for us.” 

Excited about the team and thankful for Monaco’s selfless service, Duong can’t wait to show his support for the Kings all year at Golden 1 Center as a 2018-19 season ticket member.

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