25 Reasons Why Golden 1 Center Will Be The Place To Be This Fall

1. First off, it’s going to be the greatest arena in the world.

2. No, really! Golden 1 Center will be the most technologically advanced arena in existence.

3. The connectivity at Golden 1 Center will be 17,000 times faster than the average home Internet connection.

4. Love sharing pics with your friends? Golden 1 Center will be capable of handling more than 225,000 Instagram posts per second!

5. Or maybe you prefer your pictures to only be viewed in 10 seconds? You’ll be able to send 500,000 Snapchat pictures a second in Golden 1 Center.

6. Watch out for a ridiculously hi-def Kiss Cam! The arena will feature a 4k Ultra HD Video Board with the largest screens and highest resolution in the League.

7. If you stacked DeMarcus on top of himself 9.5 times, he would be the same height as the massive bi-fold aircraft hangar doors that will roll up to welcome event goers inside and outside the building.

9. Golden 1 Center can check in with you when you walk through the doors and provide pre and postgame updates within the app!

10. Golden 1 Center will also be the greenest arena in the NBA!

11. As the first NBA arena to be powered entirely by solar energy, Golden 1 Center will source 85% of its energy from a local solar farm and the other 15% via rooftop solar panels.

12. You can breathe easier knowing that nearly 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be kept out of the atmosphere each year as a result!

13. Golden 1 Center is situated in the farm-to-fork capital of the country, so you can enjoy locally sourced food – 90% of food and beverages will be from within 150 miles!

14. …And you don’t even have to leave your seat! Get food delivered via our app.

15. Have to go to the bathroom but want to miss as little of the game as possible? The app has you covered there, too, with information on how long bathroom lines are.

16. Oh, and have we mentioned that royalty is coming? Sir Paul McCartney will perform the first-ever shows at Golden 1 Center!

17. Sacramento Kings Basketball. Enough said.

18. Golden 1 Center will have interactive fan zones to make your game experience top of the line.

19. We will get to share our beautiful city with more people! An estimated 1.6 million new visitors will come to downtown Sacramento each year due to Golden 1 Center.

20. Enjoy the Delta Breeze in the first ever indoor-outdoor arena of its kind in the world.

21. Proud to be from the “City of Trees”? You’ll love the exterior façade pattern – leaves cut into perforated metal.

22. Fan-generated content will be featured on 25 foot LED screens next to the main doors, so keep your social media game on point for game day!

23. All about those stats? 1,500 feet of LED ribbon boards will be featured in the arena bowl providing fans with real-time information, including advanced statistics.

24. You can basically be in two places at once with over 600 HD video displays showcased throughout Golden 1 Center concourses. You won’t miss any of the action!

25. Or, step it up a notch, and take a live look down at courtside with our Virtual Reality station while at the game.

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