Order Food & Drink FAQ

What Local Eats stands are associated with each Section?

Plaza level-
A- Block Butcher Bar & Cafe Bernardo: 123-104
B- Selland's & Big Cheese Dog House: 105-110
C- Star Ginger & Centro: 111-116
D- Paragary's & Porchetta: 117-122

Bridge Level-
A- LowBrau & Paragary's: 201-203
B- Paragary's & Little Cheese Dog House: 203-208
C- Petra Greek & El Jefe: 209-214
D- Cafe Bernardo & Tandoori Palace: 215-220
E- Tandoori Palace & Mulvaney's B & L: 220-224

Are vegan/vegetarian options available near me?

Vegatarian options are available at all Local Eats locations; however at this time, vegan options are only available at LauBrau, Star Ginger, and Portable 123 Vegan Cart.

Are dessert options available near me?

Each Local Eats stand sells candy (M&M's, Skittles, Liquorice, Gummy Bears). Also, our vending partners, Hol'N Jam and Mr. Pops, are available in every seat location, which sell options such as churros, popcorn, Dibs,  and cotton candy.

Ice cream sandwiches are available at Beer Float stand near Sec 103 and Little Cheese near Sec 206.

Where do I go to provide feedback about my experience?

At the bottom of every receipt is a link to a website/survey where guests may submit feedback for any experience.

Can I modify my order – extra cheese, no salt, side of ketchup, etc.?

Available modifications will be sent with each order. Certain items have modifications that can be added for an extra charge. At this time, we ask for no subsitutions. 

Why can’t I order from any Local Eats stand?

In an effort to provide prompt service, each section has two stands available for ordering.

How do I order from Sierra Nevada Draught House?

At this time, there isn't an option to order from Sierra Nevada Draught House.

How do I order from ADA seating?

We're striving to add ordering for ADA seating as soon as possible.

How do I order from #DigitalHQ Presented by Panasonic?

We hope to have ordering available for #DigitalHQ soon.

Can I order while I’m at Sierra Nevada Draught House?

In-app ordering isn't currently available at Sierra Nevada Draught House, as a guest's section/row/seat is required for delivery.

Can I order from a club?

In-app ordering isn't currently available to clubs, as a guest's section/row/seat is required for delivery.

How do I know when in-seat ordering is closed?

Guests will be unable to place an order when Order Food & Drink is unavailable.

Where do I go if I do not receive my order?

Please visit the Local Eats stand from which the order was placed to connect with a team member who'll be able to assist in resolving the issue.

How do I complete check out?

From app homescreen, visit arena icon > Order Food & Drink > select seat level > Section/Row/Seat > Local Eats preference > add items to cart > tap cart icon to check out.

Why can't I order food at the concert?

In-seat ordering isn't currently expected to be available at concerts. 

Can I pay with Apple Pay?

In-seat food ordering requires inputting credit card information which will be saved to your account after the transaction is complete.

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