Sacramento Police Host Golden 1 Center Training Session

The Sacramento Police Department held a hands-on “First Responder Training” session at Golden 1 Center on Tuesday evening to provide a learning experience for its officers.

Members from SWAT, K9 and EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) were in attendance to familiarize each unit with the new downtown arena and surrounding area in a proactive effort to improve downtown safety and security.

“It’s very important that our officers are acclimated to the environment that they’re going to be working in and orientating themselves to this huge geographical location now,” said Police Sergeant Bryce Heinlein.

The different teams focused on navigating through the new layout of Golden 1 Center and familiarizing themselves with the entire building.

“It’s a very large building and we need to be able to make sure that we can move fluidly and quickly from one end to another,” Heinlein continued. “It’s very important that our officers train in the environment that they’ll be in.”

The training included a police dog traversing through the building and an armored SWAT vehicle exploring the area. Members of the EOD unit also deployed a robot during a brief presentation.

The Sacramento Police Department will continue to train in anticipation of the grand opening of Golden 1 Center.

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