Reviews Round-Up: Maroon 5

TheStar – February 19, 2013 – “Maroon 5 Thrills the ACC”
“There were a few unexpected twists. Maroon 5’s reggae-dub version of ‘One Night Only’ took the crowd by surprise, as did a duet appearance by singer Rozzi Crane — an Adam Levine protégé no less — for ‘Wake-Up Call.’ Not only did the audience lap it up, but they responded in kind, deliriously singing and dancing along to Maroon 5’s infectious hooks, beats and melodies while Levine continued to explore the conflicted emotions of romance with his relatable lyrics. They waved their arms to and fro through ‘This Love’ and cheered as he finished the song with a stormy guitar solo; swooned through the delicate acoustic strains of ‘She Will Be Loved’ as he took to a mini-stage in the middle of the arena, and partied to the rollicking rhythms of ‘Moves Like Jagger’ as if their lives depended on it. By the time the final notes of the 90-minute show subsided, the crowd was even more deeply infatuated with the limber Maroon 5 showman, thanks to one of this year’s more entertaining concerts.”

MassLive – February 23, 2013 – “Maroon 5 Rocks Mohegan Sun”
“Despite Maroon 5’s frequent visits to the top of the Billboard charts and the success of their current tour, some might think this project is getting to be a backburner type deal for Levine. But if Adam Levine is thinking about life beyond Maroon 5, one would never guess by the way the front man led his band through a 90 minute set on a stage shaped like a giant ‘M’. Not only did Levine give it his all for the duration, he gave ample time and praise to the relatively unfamiliar faces of those behind him. While referring to his band as his “brothers” on stage, Levine also thanked the audience for the wild, standing response to the events of the evening.”

Express & Star – January 9, 2014 – “Review: Maroon 5, LG Arena”
“Fans had to wait eight months to finally see the boys from LA after they suddenly postponed the tour previously scheduled for May last year. Yet the disappointment was forgotten about from the moment Levine, Carmichael, Madden, Valentine and Flynn took to the stage…Perhaps it’s sacrilege to say, but you not only forget just how good Maroon 5 actually are, but also the sheer volume of their catalogue. You’ll struggle to find another band that can match them instrumentally and consistently achieve such perfection…Maroon 5 are true music makers. For me the greatest testament to this was that the huge swarm of fans largely left their cameras and phones in their pockets and simply absorbed every minute of their genius.”

GuideLive – February 17, 2015 – “Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was Foolproof in Dallas Tour Opener”
“As far as bandleaders, you can do far worse than the charismatic Levine. To quote the band’s 2011 hit, he “Moves Like Jagger,” leaping and spinning like a Zumba instructor on two quarts of espresso. Yet unlike the peacock-y Sir Mick, Levine always came off as the rock-star-next-door. Levine brought along no special effects or costume changes, just a proletariat uniform of blue jeans and a jersey with the number 83 (an homage, perhaps, to a year that left a major imprint on many of Maroon 5’s synth-driven songs).  And for every slick dance move, Levine offered lots of dork-dancing straight out of Tom Cruise’s tighty-whitey scene in Risky Business. At one point, he even skipped merrily down the ramp like a kindergartener, a rare sight among male rock stars who tend to be concerned with their street cred.”

AXS – April 6, 2015 – “Maroon 5 delivers Superlative Show at The Forum”
“If Maroon 5 had one problem, it’s a nice problem to have: after five albums, they’ve got so many hits that they can no longer play them all in one concert…One of the evening’s best moments came when Levine asked the room to put their cell phones down for a moving performance of “She Will Be Loved,” reminding us of just how timelessly beautiful that song is…They’re a very talented band, but also one of the most memorable.”

Blasting News – May 27, 2015 – “Maroon 5 ‘Will be Loved’ with Their ‘Moves like Jagger’”
“Three time Grammy Award winning and three time American Music Award recipients proved that they are worthy of all the awards that have come their way since their beginning in 1994. The relentless pace of the show kept the crowd breathless as they fit 17 of their hits in to a tightly packed set. From Animals to the encore that included a new song, This Summer, and then, Moves like Jagger and finally Sugar.”

Pocket Manchester – June 2, 2015 – “Maroon 5 Manchester Arena Review”
“After a lively opening sequence of new and old songs, the band formally introduced themselves to the near-sellout Manchester crowd (for those who didn’t know their names already) and then carried on blasting out hit after hit with magnificent enthusiasm…If I had to compare this show to their ‘Overexposed’ Tour back in 2013/14, remarkably I’d have to say that they actually managed to out-do themselves – which is a feat considering how high they’d already set the bar.”

Maroon 5 comes to Golden 1 Center October 15th, with opening acts by Tove Lo, and Phases.

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