Golden 1 Center sits proudly in the heart of downtown Sacramento, less than a mile from California’s first thriving business district.

It’s here that you’ll find people from all walks of life building a community around their favorite things: Music, sports, entertainment, culture, food, and beverage. An homage to the city’s legacy and a marvel of its bright future, Golden 1 Center represents everything that makes Sacramento the next Great American City. From design to sustainability to connectivity to cuisine, it’s a celebration of what Sacramento does best.

  • A uniquely flexible design pushes the boundaries of modern architecture while remaining connected to the heart of the landscape and the influences that have shaped the city.
  • Implementation of the most progressive sustainability practices available ensures that the well-being of both the fans and the planet is at the core of every event.
  • Cutting-edge technology facilitates a venue ecosystem that anticipates and responds to fans’ needs on a hyper-individualized basis, completely transforming the event experience.
  • A bounty of natural resources translates directly into a Farm-to-Fork dining experience that brings really delicious food to really hungry fans.