Jul 13, 2018

Xfinity California Drone Speed Challenge Primer

By Amanda Maxwell

On Thursday, July 19 Comcast and Aerial Sports League (ASL) will be hosting the biggest drone race in California history, right here at Golden 1 Center!

 In celebration of speed and promoting their Gigabit Internet service, Comcast partnered with ASL to combine eSports, drone racing and the most technologically advanced arena in the world (which is powered by the gigabit internet from Comcast business). To prep for this exciting event, check out all you need to know below!

Whats Happening:

Throughout the month of July, drone pilot teams have been competing in a multi-week, eSports-style “virtual qualifier” series through the VelociDrone racing simulator and the winning teams will move on here for the live championship.

What to Expect:

One winning team will take home a $25,000 grand prize and the ultimate bragging rights! Comcast will also contribute another $25,000 to a local non-profit in the name of the winning team.

The live event will feature "a futuristic VIP experience, with signature cocktails, appetizers, a DJ, drone combat demonstrations and a 'Future Sports Arcade', featuring hands-on virtual reality (VR) games, a VR 'goggle bar', simulators and drone training, all while being surrounded by thrilling, high-speed drone races in the high-tech Golden 1 arena.”

What to Follow:

To see updates of the event and live coverage. follow along with us on these channels!

Golden 1 Center:

Instagram: @Golden1Center

Twitter: @Golden1Center

Facebook: @Golden1Center


Aerial Sports League:

Instagram: @aerial_sports_league

Twitter: @aerialsports

Facebook: @aerialsports

And make sure to use the hashtag #xfinitydronerace18, too!


This record-breaking event is one you won’t want to miss.