Dec 1, 2016

Watch: Blake Shelton's Best Moments from "The Voice"

By Sydney Zuelke

Whether it's his notorious bromance with fellow judge Adam Levine, his actual relationship with previous show colleague Gwen Stefani or his lovable, southern charm —"The Voice" just wouldn't be the same without Blake Shelton. 

Check out just a few of Blake's most memorable jokes, performances, and banter from his last couple seasons on the hit singing competition. 

When it comes to taking chances, Blake always seems to like his odds. However, he learned quickly from his fellow judges that not all of his gambles pay off.

Blake and Gwen's performance of their song "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" was delightfully sweet and showcased the duo's chemistry.

Blake had a lot to say about Adam's new hairdo — or lack thereof. 

Things go from 0 to 100 between Blake and fellow judge Christina Aguilera. 

This season, new judge Alicia Keys has been on a roll. But when Blake managed to steal a fierce contestant from her grasp, he didn't hesitate to rub it in.  

Blake Shelton

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