Nov 14, 2016

America's Got Talent Star Stuns at Kings Halftime Show

By Sydney Zuelke

Sofie Dossi blew the country away on America’s Got Talent. More recently, she stunned an arena full of fans at Golden 1 Center with her incredible halftime performance during Thursday night’s Kings vs. Lakers game.

Between the never-ending line of admirers requesting a photo with the rising star, Golden 1 Center had a chance to catch up with the bubbly 15-year-old about life after AGT and advice for other young dreamers.

Golden 1 Center: How did you get started with contortion?

Sofie Dossi: I was always flexible, like I’d watch TV with feet over my head. My parents kind of thought ‘Oh that’s just what normal girls do’ but then I saw a YouTube video of a contortionist and I was like ‘Oh, this isn’t normal this is actually unique!’ And I fell in love with watching contortion, so I started teaching myself, and it’s been going pretty good.

Golden 1 Center: How has being on America’s Got Talent changed your life?

Sofie Dossi: In opening new opportunities and just different shows around the world – it’s just so fun to be doing what I love.

Golden 1 Center: What advice do you have for other young girls or boys wanting to pursue their dreams?

Sofie Dossi: Anything you put your mind to, you can accomplish it if you just put your mind to it.

Golden 1 Center: Is this your first Sacramento Kings game?

Sofie Dossi: It’s my first time at a Kings game, and just my second time performing at a basketball game!