Jun 26, 2018

Get A Sneak Peek Into Sam Smith's Newest, Most Elaborate Tour Production

By Amanda Maxwell

Although his music is often melancholy and emotional, Sam Smith is hoping his upcoming tour will feel “like a fistful of love.” Smith’s “The Thrill of It All Tour” will have a different feel than his last. With more songs to choose from, bigger arenas, and more show dates, he will be able to do more with the show “from lighting to the set list.”

“With this tour, I got to choose songs. I got to really decide what type of show and tour this is,” said Smith. “I really think you can see, within the show, (the) growth of me as an artist, I hope.”

Smith talks with the Associated Press about how he changed his lifestyle to prepare himself for this tour, from cutting out smoking, to eating better and working out every day with a trainer while on tour.

“It’s really looking after myself as much as I can. The time that I’m onstage is my time to have fun and that’s my time to express and let go.”

You can tell how excited Smith is to share his tour with us. Teasing us with new music videos, tour promos, and as always, killer Instagram photos, we can’t wait to experience the tour ourselves in just two months!

For more on Sam Smith, read his Q&A with the Associated Press.

Sam Smith

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