Jan 31, 2017

Nachos Part 1 - Pulled Pork

1Tb Olive Oil

10 lbs of pork butt

½ Cup Chopped Garlic

1 whole yellow Onion, Cut into Wedges

2 whole Oranges, Cut into half

1 Tbl Spoon Dried Thyme

1Tbl Spoon Dried Oregano

1tb Spoon Black Pepper

2ea Bay Leaves

6 Cups Of Chicken Stock


Procedure:  First cut in half onions and slice into quarters. Then cut the oranges in half. Place large sauce pot on high or turn on crock on high. Add garlic and onions.  Then place pork butt into pot or crock pot.  Add thyme, oregano, bay leaves, salt and pepper.  Squeeze oranges and place oranges into pot. Pour Chicken stock into pot.  Stir with spoon until ingredients are incorporated.  Let mixture come to a boil.  Once liquid is boiling turn stove or crock pot on low.  Cover and let carnitas cook for 4hrs or until tender.  You should be able to shred with fork.  Take out pork with tongs save liquid.  Shred pork with fork add 1 cup of liquid and serve.