Aug 17, 2017

Lorde Unveils New Videos of Six Reimagined Songs

By Hannah Avdalovic

Lorde filmed six new videos for Vevo highlighting stripped down renditions of songs from her latest album Melodrama. The songs include “Homemade Dynamite,” “Hard Feelings/Loveless,” “Supercut,” “Sober,” “The Louvre” and “Writer in the Dark.”

According to a Rolling Stone article, in the video series Lorde explains this is not her "typical style". She adds that Melodrama had “roots in acoustic instruments” and “in live musicianship.”

Melodrama Reimagined at Electric Lady (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.

“I think when you start to strip a song back, you really come back to this place of where you were building it,” Lorde adds.

Check out all six of the reimagined songs below, and don’t forget to catch Lorde take the Golden 1 Center stage on March 12!

Writer in the Dark

Writer in the Dark (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.

Hard Feelings/Loveless

Hard Feelings / Loveless (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.

Homemade Dynamite

Homemade Dynamite (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.


Supercut (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.


Sober (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.

The Louvre

The Louvre (Vevo x Lorde) (Originals) by Lorde on VEVO.


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