Nov 14, 2017

Lorde: Reviews Round Up

By Amanda Maxwell

Lorde shares her "emotional renaissance" during her Melodrama World Tour, creating a livable experience for her fans. With lights, costume changes and confetti, Lorde takes you to a world you can get lost in. 

See what the reviews are saying about the pop star!


"Watching Lorde live is to uncover more of who she is: half self-aware performer, half jagged, unchoreographed effervescence."

Manchester Evening News:

 "There is a moment of real intimacy as the stage falls to total darkness except one spotlight on Lorde."

Rolling Stone: 

"Lorde's writing and fantastically intimate vocals, ranging from her witchy, unprocessed low-register warbles to all sorts of digitized masks, make it matter."


“Besides the occasional whoop, her adorers remained relatively motionless and quiet through the session, lost in rapt attention. But on the two closers they danced with her, the palms surrounding the stage awash in a green glow. White confetti burst into the air, ending her fans’ pilgrimage with a party.”

The Guardian: 

"Lorde, too, has outgrown her youthful seriousness, dancing joyously like no one is looking, even though 10,000 people are."