Apr 7, 2017

John Oates Opens Up in New Memoir

By Jonathan Santiago

Acclaimed songwriter John Oates has taken his writing talents to the literary stage. The 68-year-old artist just released his brand new book detailing his life and career in music as one half of the pop music duo Hall & Oates.

"Change of Seasons" is the title of Oates' new memoir and it's captured the attention of both critics and longtime fans. The singer/songwriter told the Chicago Tribune that writing the book was an exercise in skills he learned from his field of choice during college.

"I studied English and got a journalism degree and always thought I'd write a book but I guess making music got in the way," he said. "I started having discussions with my co-writer, Chris Epting, and he convinced me there was a story to be told. He guided me and, basically, I did this at his urging."

So far so good as the the book has been well received by critics and readers alike. Here's a snippet of what Dannette Chavez of A.V. Club. had to say about Oates' work.

For all his natural talent, though, Oates’ work ethic is what rings out the clearest in his memoir. The music lessons that began at age 5 extended well into his 30s; he remains “afflicted” by the performance bug that bit him at the tender age of 2. That same diligence is on full display in the composition of Change Of Seasons. Oates shows a journalistic commitment to telling his story and filling in as many details in the picture as possible. And even if some of the tales are familiar to fans, they’re now as burnished as his own musical chops.

Oates is having a busy 2017. In addition to his new book, he's re-teaming with long-time partner Daryl Oates for a 29-date summer concert series. The tour, which concludes at the end of July, includes a stopover right here at Golden 1 Center on July 23.

Daryl Hall and John Oates

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