Jul 23, 2018

Harry Styles Helps 18-Year-Old Grace Come Out To Her Mother During Concert

By Amanda Maxwell

It is common for fans to go “touring” (attending large blocks of shows on the tour in a row) with their favorite artists. Grace, an 18-year-old who is a big fan of Harry Styles, spent her summer vacation “touring” with Styles on the West Coast, attending a whopping 10 concerts! One of the shows she attended was right here at Golden 1 Center.



TOUR NIGHT 7 me and my elton john shirt made it to california

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But for Grace, there is one show in particular she will remember for the rest of her life.

Before she attended her eighth concert in San Jose, Grace made a special poster that read, “I’m going to come out to my parents because of you!”

Grace told Buzzfeed News, “she made the sign because she wanted to show the artist just how much of an impact his music has had on her life, as well as others.”

"He's a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and he's made a lot of fans feel comfortable and proud to be who they are and I'm just one example of that," she said.

Styles not only noticed her poster during the performance but stopped to read it out loud.

Styles read the sign and politely asked if he could tell her mother, Tina, “before you have the chance to.”

"To have Harry not only read my sign but ask my name and my mother's and help me come out to her meant the absolute world to me," Grace said of the incredible moment. "I’ve been a fan of Harry (and One Direction) since 2011 and to have someone who’s been so important in your life share such a monumental moment with you is so incredibly special."

Grace and many others took to social media to share the videos and the story with the world. Grace felt “liberated” after coming out to her mom back at her hotel room, sharing the video of Harry with her.

Her mother's response? "Yes, I do love you and you can be whoever you want to be!"

Grace’s mom even ended up attending one of the last shows of the tour with her daughter.

A memorable summer and tour it was, and as Styles always says, remember to “treat people with kindness.”