Apr 27, 2018

See The Stunning Way Fans Surprised Harry Styles During His Show

By Amanda Maxwell

It is an accustomed phenomenon for fans to light up an arena with their phones during a concert, but on April 12th, Harry Styles' fans ensured that sparkling view was more unique. 

While Styles was performing, he was surprised with a beautiful rainbow flag made with concertgoers' cell phones while he sang "Sweet Creature". 

The special occurence was spurred by the Rainbow London Project; which happened to be started by two Harry Styles fans, Ksenia Kulikova and Luna Riedel. The two created this project to say thank you to Harry for always accepting and loving his fans. 

Riedel explains the groundwork of the project to Teen Vogue during an interview, "We chose to do a rainbow one as it shows acceptance. It wasn't only meant for LGBTQ+, but basically, everyone wanting to be a part of our big family." 

Fans in the arena could be a part of the project by holding up small slips of paper (which were provided), or shine a light through an app. The result was simply beautiful. 

"Our reaction was pure happiness," said Luna. The project was trending on Twitter as fans shared their thoughts, photos, and videos of the evening. 

To read more on the Rainbow London Project, check out this article by Teen Vogue.