Aug 10, 2018

Golden 1 Center Q&A: Director, Arena Operations David Sherrill

By Sydney Zuelke


Tell us a little bit about what your main responsibilities are as Director, Arena Operations!

I am in charge of the UT/maintenance staff, Engineers and Housekeeping.  My staff and I set-up the arena for all events, tear down, and get the building ready for the next day.  We change the building over from event to event, many times with very few hours in-between.   

What’s the most rewarding part and the most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part is seeing all the different events and getting to assist in putting on shows for a sold-out arena. The most challenging part is learning and understanding all of the different aspects of our union/maintenance contracts.

Do you have a most memorable moment during an event at Golden 1 Center? 

Since I moved here in the middle of the season, my wife and kids were not able to join me in Sacramento immediately.  So, when my family came out during Spring Break, they came to a Kings Basketball game.  Watching my boys enjoy their time and seeing the Golden 1 Center for the first time was something I will never forget.  

If you could see anyone, dead or alive at Golden 1 Center, who would it be?

Prince, he was an amazing talent and I was able to see him many years ago.  I will never forget that concert. 

What does a typical day look like for you versus an event day?

Typical Day – Getting the G1C ready for the next event, whether it is a concert, NBA Game or a City Event.  This can be anything from building a stage, putting down the basketball court or setting different rooms.  Also, making sure the building is clean in all aspects, lots of walking around the arena with paper in hand.  I am sure I will attend several meetings throughout the day to go over upcoming events, budgets or future projects. 

Event Day – Working with the Event Manager to make sure everything is set correctly, and adjust to the needs of the client.  Typically, an event day that starts early in the morning and ends with a chair break after a concert, or a final buzzer at the end of a basketball game.  After the event, my staff typically gets together to make sure we are all on the same page for getting the building ready for the next show.  I have an amazing staff that works overnight to get Golden 1 Center ready for the next show, so when we all walk into work the following morning, we are set and ready to go. 

What did you do before coming to Golden 1 Center?

I ran Stadium Operations for the St. Louis Rams and the Edward Jones Dome.

How do you work to create unique experiences for all those coming to Golden 1 Center?

We are always thinking of new ways for the fans to enjoy their experience here at the Golden 1 Center.  It is truly a team effort with all of Arena Operations, Marketing, Guest Services and many other personnel.  This is something we are doing on a daily basis; we want all of our fans to leave the arena with a smile on their face from the amazing experience they had. 

How do you feel Golden 1 Center differs from other arenas in the country?  

The amount of care our staff has for this building is more than anywhere I have been in the past.  Everyone in Arena Operations is dedicated to making the next event the best experience for all fans.  We are all dedicated to keeping Golden 1 Center clean and beautiful for our fans; we want them to come in here and enjoy every aspect of the event from parking, to security and guest services.