Feb 22, 2019

Golden 1 Center Employee Spotlight: Senior Event Manager, Dylan Evans

By Hannah Taheri

From the minute a show is booked at Golden 1 Center until the end of the event, he works tirelessly with the show's staff to ensure that every detail of the production is set up for success. Get to know our Senior Event Manager, Dylan Evans!


Tell us a little about your main duties as Golden 1 Center’s new Senior Event Manager & what a typical work day consists of for you. 


There are 2 types of typical days for me. The first is an office day where I will be communicating with upcoming shows on their needs. This will mean endless phone calls and emails working through every detail of an event, from everything front of house (in public view) to everything back of house.


The other type of day is an event day, which starts early in the morning as the show arrives for the day, typically around 4 A.M – 5A.M. After I introduce myself to the shows staff, I am walking through each detail we previously discussed. As the day goes on, I consistently am working with the show to make sure every part of their advance is correct. All the hard work culminates to create a great show for the fans.


What drew you to a career in the field of event management?


I was introduced to the entertainment industry at a young age. After seeing how live music and sports being joy to the masses, I knew I wanted to be a part of the fun. 


What types of jobs did you hold prior to working at Golden 1 Center? 


Prior to working at Golden 1 Center, I started off as a part of the stage crew building the shows in Philadelphia & New Jersey. I then worked my way up through an entertainment company to a Production Assistant. After, graduating college I moved to Massachusetts to become Event Manager in Lowell. Most recently, I was the Assistant General Manager of Papa Murphy Park here in Sacramento.


It takes a village to plan the variety of events that take place at Golden 1 Center. Tell us about the the environment backstage on event nights and the camaraderie between members of the Event Management Team. 


We are a family here at Golden 1 Center. We all work side by side for periods of time. We tend to spend more time with each other than others outside the arena, so having good relationships is key. We like to laugh and mess around, but we know when it is time to hunker down and get the work done.


Tell us about one short- & long-term goal you’d like to accomplish as Senior Event Manager.


One of my short-term goals is to increase the reputation of Golden 1 Center within the music industry by creating lasting relationships with promoters and everyone involved in putting a show together.

My long-term goal is to continue to develop and create new opportunities to bring different and unique shows to Golden 1 Center.


What is your favorite part about working at Golden 1 Center? 


My favorite part of working at Golden 1 Center is the great relationships I have created with the members of our operations staff & building staff. We work so closely together that having these relationships makes working here fun.


In addition, each event I work leaves a lasting impression on me and a great memory!


What do you feel is the most challenging part of your job so far/how do you work to overcome this challenge?


The most challenging part of the job is time management. Knowing which tasks to prioritize is a skill which I can always improve upon. We work in a very fast-paced environment, so making sure I am on top of each detail in a timely manner is key.


How would you convince someone who has never been to Golden 1 Center before to come see a show?  


Golden 1 Center is an experience. From the moment you walk into the Grand Entrance, to the finale of a show--it’s one big WOW moment.


Lastly, as a young professional, what advice do you have for current students aspiring to land a job similar to yours?


The most important advice I was given is to not only learn about the job you want but gain experience in each job that goes into putting on a show. Having working knowledge of each department can help you be a better coworker and provide a seamless experience for the show and guests.