Dec 20, 2016

Almond-Horchata Ice Cream


1 ½ cup of Sliced Almonds, unsalted toasted

1 ½ cup White Rice, coarsely ground with food processed

2 cinnamon stick

3 cups Heavy Cream

3 cups Whole Milk


4 cups Milk Mixtured, steeped overnight and strained

1 cup egg yolks

1tsp vanilla extract

1 1/3 cup Sugar

½ tsp Salt


10 pounds of dry ice*

*Hammered, and blended to a powder. Exercise extreme caution, do not completely seal blender lid. Use thick gloves throughout.

Bring the heavy cream and milk to a simmer. Pour over cinnamon sticks, toasted almond and coarsely ground white rice.  Refrigerate overnight.

Strain the almond rice milk mixture.  Measure only 4 cups of mixture. Discard rest. Pour into sauce pot along with egg yolks, extract, sugar and salt. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until an instant thermometer reads 183, or it coats the back of a rubber spatula. Strain mixture onto a bowl over ice. Cool down by stirring over an ice bowl.

Once cool pour in mixer bowl with paddle attachment. Engage onto mixer and mix on medium speed. With the mixer running gradually add spoonfuls of dry ice powder, until achieving soft serve consistency.