Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golden 1 Center?

The project encompasses four city blocks right in the heart of downtown that will be a major catalyst for development in the surrounding area and in the entire region.  The arena itself is an indoor multi-use facility that will accommodate sporting and top entertainment events such as professional and collegiate sports, concerts, ice shows, indoor rodeo, trade shows, large graduations, family shows, and other indoor entertainment. It also contains a state of the art practice facility with administrative offices.

The project also includes up to 1.5 million square feet of additional development including 475,000 square feet of office space, 350,000 square feet of retail, a 250-room hotel, and up to 500,000 square feet for residential units. The first phase of the project includes over 715,000 square feet of development, over 300,000 square feet of retail, 128,000 square feet of office, a 250-room hotel and up to 50 residential units. 

Who Is Designing/Building Golden 1 Center?

AECOM, who is renowned for designing some of the most state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venues in the world, will serve as lead architect. Responsible for the acclaimed London 2012 Olympic Park and design of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park, AECOM has also served as lead architect of 11 NBA arenas, including Barclays Center (home of the Brooklyn Nets and the 2012 Sports Business Journal Facility of the Year). Locally, AECOM designed Aggies Stadium at the University of California, Davis. All architectural design work will occur in Sacramento to ensure ongoing local input in the design process.

ICON Venue Group will serve as the project manager and Turner Construction as the lead builder.  ICON is a top global project management firm that has overseen the construction of recent arenas including BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston TX and the Pepsi Center in Denver CO.  All architectural design work will occur in Sacramento to ensure ongoing local input in the design process.

How Much Will Golden 1 Center Cost? Who is Paying?

Initial cost estimates valued Golden 1 Center at $507 million dollars, including a $233 million contribution from the City of Sacramento through a public-private partnership. The City will finance its contribution through the sale of bonds ($212 million) and parking and economic development funds ($11 million). The Kings will cover all other costs, including additional investments, predevelopment, capital repairs and development of City-owned parcels, at no cost to the taxpayer. For a full list of public documents, visit the following:

New City Taxes Needed to Pay for Golden 1 Center?

 No. The City will not increase taxes to pay for Golden 1 Center.

Impact on Sacramento's Tourism?

A third-party study estimates that Golden 1 Center alone will attract 1.6 million new visitors to downtown Sacramento each year.

These new visitors are a major contributor to the $11.5B in estimated positive economic impact that will result from the new Golden 1 Center over 35 years.


Salvage and abatement of the Downtown Plaza is scheduled for May-July 2014 with demolition starting mid-Summer 2014 and construction starting fall 2014. Golden 1 Center will be completed by October 2016, in time to open up the 2016-17 NBA season.

Design Process?

The first set of renderings (released January 2014) came after six months of workshops, open houses, town halls, and focus groups, in addition to multiple surveys yielding responses from over 20,000 Sacramentans. The result is an arena design that is iconic, celebrates the best of Sacramento, and showcases the latest in environmental and technological innovation. Design elements of the 17,500 capacity venue include:

  • Dramatic grand entrance, measuring 50 x 150 feet. At the top of the grand entrance is a terrace that will provide dramatic views of the public plaza in one direction - with the indoor action in the other.
  • Five airport hangar-sized windows that can be opened for pregame/postgame festivities or during a concert or other event.
  • Use of recycled and perforated aluminum and glass in the skin of the arena which enables indoor and outdoor v

How will Golden 1 Center Celebrate Sacramento?

Golden 1 Center's indoor-outdoor concept celebrates and allows visitors to enjoy Sacramento's climate and culture in a number of ways. In addition to farm-to-fork concessions, the arena's facade patterns will depict leaves and trees cut into perforated metal, fitting for the "City of Trees." The adjacent public plaza will also be a microcosm of the region's agriculture and outdoor lifestyle with tomatoes growing in hydroponic gardens, an outdoor grandstand or grassy amphitheater adjacent to the arena's open face, and a delineated seating area, called a "bosque," that is lined with a variety of tree species and provides an intimate seating environment in the grand plaza.

Green/Sustainable Elements?

In addition to its location, Golden 1 Center will be carbon and grid neutral, as well as LEED Gold-certified, which is a rating system that measures the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), it guides the building industry and provides standards for sustainability for a variety of projects. Golden 1 Center will also reflect the fabric of Northern California by utilizing regionally sourced materials that range from glass to recycled aluminum to potentially precast concrete, composed of sand from San Benito and rocks of Sierra limestone that reflect the colors of the region. What's more, Golden 1 Center will utilize only FSC-Certified wood, an international standard of quality and responsible forest management. Other elements include:

  • Mass transit hub.
  • Bicycle valet for large events.
  • Dedicated electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Food bank donations.
  • Hydroponic gardens that may grow food for consumption on-site.
  • Glass orientation to minimize solar gain.
  • Smart temperature controls that utilize the natural delta breeze to cool the building.
  • Smart lighting systems to dynamically save energy.

Technological Innovations?

Golden 1 Center includes innovative design elements with outward-facing windows, balconies and bi-fold aircraft hangar doors to welcome the community. The arena is also an interactive, "smart" building that checks in with attendees offering contextual marketing, targeted offers and postgame information and events.

Golden 1 Center's Capacity?

The arena's capacity for NBA games is 17,500, similar to the capacity of the current arena.  This will ensure that Kings fans have one of the most intimate experiences in the NBA.

How many suites will be available?

Golden 1 Center will have 34 suites that will be sold to include all events year-round.  The suites are up to 2x the larger than the suites at the current arena. Additionally, suite partners will have access to three exclusive clubs on the premium level including two Skyboxes that will overlook the concourse and have a direct view to the outside. More details on premium seating can be found in the "Premium" section of Golden 1 Center website.

How Will the Public Access Golden 1 Center?

It is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of visitors will walk, bike or take public transportation to Golden 1 Center events.  More than 13,500 parking spaces exist within 1/2 mile of Golden 1 Center. For comparison, there are only approximately 7,000 parking spaces at Sleep Train Arena. Sacramento Regional Transit has five light rail stations in the vicinity of the proposed Golden 1 Center, with the closest at 7th and K Streets. The Sacramento Valley Station, offering train, bus and taxi service, is located at 4th and I Streets.

Concessions Available at Golden 1 Center?

Sacramento has as strong a food culture as any city in the U.S. so the Kings will feature a variety of farm-to-fork options celebrating local chefs and farmers. We'll also feature island concession stands, open on all sides, to showcase the preparation of fresh food. Plus, similar to construction, we're excited about the positive economic impacts created by local firms providing concessions in Golden 1 Center.

Will My Mobile Device Work in Golden 1 Center?

The Kings are building the smartest arena in the world, and we're working with architects and industry-leading technologists to evaluate the best distributed antenna systems (DAS) and WiFi architecture. We want to provide levels of  connectivity never seen before in an arena, including new metrics (e.g. MBs per seat per second) to not only measure, but provide the best fan experience in the world.

What Will Happen to the Current Sleep Train Arena?

The Kings are exploring a new owner and a range of options in consultation with Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby and the Natomas community. The site has a lot of great features - ample parking, access to highways and proximity to the airport - so we're committed to reusing the space in a dynamic way that benefits the community.  More information will be announced soon.


Golden 1 Center is committed to accommodating the needs of all guests with disabilities. Our staff is happy to assist you or your guest upon arrival or prior to an event. To purchase tickets, please visit or visit the Advance Ticket Window at the Golden 1 Center Box Office.

Our ADA services include:

Accessibility: All entrances into Golden 1 Center are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible seating includes the Bridge Level and Floor Level seating.

Assisted Listening Devices: Assisted Listening Devices (ALD) are available in limited supply at the Guest Services Station at Section 109 on the Plaza Level and at Section 207 on the Bridge Level. Identification will be required and held to reserve a device. Identification will be returned once the ALD is returned.

Local Eats Accessibility: Each of our four main local eats locations on the Plaza Level features an area to accommodate wheelchairs.

Hearing/Visual Assistance: The services of ASL Interpreters can be scheduled by contacting Guest Services at [email protected] Please notify Guest Services ten (10) days in advance of the event you are attending. For requests made inside of ten (10) days, we cannot guarantee an interpreter can be acquired. Special seating is also available for visually impaired guests.

Restrooms: All restrooms are adapted for service to disabled patrons.

Family restrooms are located at:

Event Level - Assembly, Rush, and Lexus Lounge

Plaza Level - Sections 105, 114, 118, 121

Loft Level - Outside L13 and L42

Suite Level - Outside S11 and S34

Bridge Level - Sections 203 and 220

Wheelchair & Accessible Seating Policy: Accessible seating is available at Golden 1 Center. Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for patrons with accessible needs and their companions. Patrons purchasing accessible seating may purchase one (1) accessible seat and one (1) companion seat adjacent to the accessible seat. Depending upon availability, seats for additional guests will be located as close as possible to the accessible space. This policy ensures that we are able to accommodate all those that need accessible seating.

Golden 1 Center is committed to working with patrons on a case-by-case basis to adequately accommodate individual needs. Patrons who need to exchange a non-accessible seat for a wheelchair accessible seat should contact TicketMaster in advance to arrange for proper seating. All ticket sales and exchanges are on a first-come, first-serve basis and will depend on ticket availability. There is no guarantee that any companion tickets will remain unsold and available.

Wheelchairs: Guests needing assistance once inside Golden 1 Center can visit the Guest Services Station at Section 109 on the Plaza Level and at Section 207 on the Bridge Level, to request a wheelchair.  A wheelchair will be summoned and made available to assist guests to and from their seats. Wheelchairs are not available for rent.


Golden 1 Center is located at 500 David J Stern Walk, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Advance Ticket Box Office Window

The Golden 1 Center Advance Ticket Box Office is only open during Sacramento Kings games. At this window specifically, a guest can purchase tickets for upcoming games, redeem special offer coupons for applicable shows, and game night promotional deals. 


The closest airport to Golden 1 Center is the Sacramento International Airport located 9.7 miles north of the arena. The airport address is 6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837. 

Alcohol Policy

  • Minors (under the age of 21) are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Bringing alcoholic beverages into Golden 1 Center is not permitted.
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased in Golden 1 Center must be consumed inside the building.
  • There are no bottles or cans allowed outside of suites and lofts. Alcoholic beverages taken from suites and lofts must be poured into plastic cups.
  • A maximum of two (2) alcoholic beverages per person may be purchased per sale.
  • Guests that are intoxicated can and will be denied the purchase of alcohol and may be subject to ejection and/or arrest.
  • Golden 1 Center Management reserves the right to check the ID of any guest trying to purchase alcohol that looks intoxicated or under the legal age limit.
  • Alcohol can be purchased at the portable bars on the Plaza Level, Rush, Assembly, The Elms, and the Lexus Lounge. Beer can be purchased at the locations listed above and at any local eats location on the Plaza and Bridge levels.
  • Alcohol for suites and lofts must be preordered prior to day of event with our suites and loft catering.
  • Alcoholic beverages are subject to availability based on event (suites and lofts may or may not be affected).
  • Any issues that involve an intoxicated guest, underage drinking, line jumping etc.shall be reported to Golden 1 Center Management. 


Only service dogs, either certified or in-training, are permitted in Golden 1 Center. All other animals are prohibited.

Arena Hours of Operation

Golden 1 Center opens for most events an hour prior to the event start. For Sacramento Kings games, doors open 90 minutes prior to tip-off.

Our Box Office is open from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturday.

The Sacramento Kings Team Store is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. 

Assisted Listening Devices

Please see our Accessibility section for information regarding assisted listening devices.


Golden 1 Credit Union ATMs are located at Plaza 103, Plaza 122, Bridge 202, and Bridge 222. 


Guests are not allowed to solicit player or performer autographs on Golden 1 Center property. Guests are not allowed to loiter at the Kings Practice Facility, parking garages, or any other location on Golden 1 Center property.

When public autograph sessions are scheduled for players or performers, these will be announced through the media in advance, and guidelines will be given at that time.

Baby Care

Changing tables: Are located in all women's restrooms as well as in family restrooms at the following locations:

Event Level - Assembly, Rush, and Lexus Lounge  

Plaza Level - Sections 105, 114, 118, 121

Loft Level - Outside L13 and L42

Suite Level - Outside S11 and S34

Bridge Level - Sections 203 and 220

Strollers: Strollers can be checked out at our Guest Services Station at Section 109

on the Plaza Level and at Section 207 on the Bridge Level.

Breast Feeding: Is located in all family restrooms in the following locations:

Event Level - Assembly, Rush, and Lexus Lounge  

Plaza Level - Sections 105, 114, 118, 121

Loft Level - Outside L13 and L42

Suite Level - Outside S11 and S34

Bridge Level - Sections 203 and 220

Mamava Breastfeeding Pod - Section 214

Baby bags, plastic bottles, and formula are permitted into Golden 1 Center as long as the bag is no bigger than 16”x16”x8".


Backpacks are prohibited from Golden 1 Center. 

Bags/Large Bags/Suitcases

All bags larger than 16"x16"x8” (i.e. Purses, suitcases, beach bags, etc) will be prohibited from entry into the arena. Bags deemed and accepted as medical bags must be searched and tagged by a security supervisor.

Ball In Play Policy

Golden 1 Center is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience. Please be aware of our Ball in Play Policy, which requires guests to refrain from accessing their seats until the ball is no longer in play. This policy enables guests to enjoy an unobstructed view of the game.

Bicycle Policy

Golden 1 Center and DOCO provide on-site bicycle parking spaces for use by event attendees. 

Unattended bicycles that impede pedestrians are subject to removal and/or relocation. Golden 1 Center and/or its agents, shall not be responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss to bicycles or any other article left in or on the same.

Golden 1 Center encourages all bicyclists to use the bike valet and/or the bicycle storage locations provided.

While bicycling is allowed on surrounding surface streets, the use of bicycles within the outdoor plaza is prohibited. Bicyclists will be instructed to dismount and walk their bikes through the outdoor plaza. 


Guests are welcome to bring their personal binoculars for most events at Golden 1 Center.  

Bottles & Cans

Bottles and cans are not permitted into Golden 1 Center. Outside alcohol shall be returned to the associated vehicle or is to be disposed of. There are no bottles or cans allowed outside of suites and lofts. Alcoholic beverages taken from suites must be poured into plastic cups.

Box Office

The Box Office is open from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday and 10am-2pm Saturday. The Box Office is closed on Sunday unless it is an event day.

How to Purchase Tickets: Golden 1 Center and Kings tickets are available through,, or

Types of Payment Accepted: Cash, Discover Card, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard

Will Call: Will Call tickets may be picked up on the day of an event or Kings game at the Golden 1 Center Box Office only. The Golden 1 Center Box Office is open two (2) hours prior to an event or game. Guests must present the credit card used to place the order and a valid photo I.D. Will Call drop-off is not available for all events.

Groups: Group ticket availability differs for each show. For Golden 1 Center events, visit For Kings games, visit for more information.

Child Admission: In most instances, children under twenty-four (24) months of age are admitted free of charge into Golden 1 Center for events provided that they sit on an adult’s lap. Please note that some events may have varying age requirements. Please see specific show guidelines for more information.

Premium Seating: For premium seating options, visit or call 916.928.6900. 

Camera/Video Equipment

For Kings Basketball and other NBA events:

  • NBA policy strictly prohibits the use of still photos or video footage for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the NBA head office.
  • Cameras containing detachable lenses and selfie sticks are not permitted into Golden 1 Center.
  • Video cameras, and taking of video with other devices, are prohibited. We reserve the right to disallow cameras that, in the opinion of management, will be used to produce professionally marketed images.
  • Tripods and other equipment that could pose a tripping hazard are not permitted.
  • Standing or positioning oneself in order to take pictures in a manner that obstructs the view or enjoyment of the event by others is not permitted.

For All Other Events: The above policy represents the general camera/video policy for events at Golden 1 Center. Camera policies may vary for other events.

Cancelled/Postponed Events

If a Golden 1 Center event is cancelled, you may return your tickets to the point of purchase to receive a refund. If a Golden 1 Center event is postponed, please retain your ticket, as these are typically honored on the date to which the event has been rescheduled. Any additional questions, please visit the Golden 1 Center Box Office.

Code of Conduct

Golden 1 Center and the National Basketball Association are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports & entertainment experience. NBA fans have a right to expect an environment where:

  • Players and performers will respect and appreciate each and every fan.
  • Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all arena and team personnel.                     
  • Guests will enjoy the basketball experience free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.                             
  • Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired, intoxicated or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.                            
  • Guests will sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested.
  • Guests will not engage in fighting, throwing objects or attempting to enter the court. Those who engage in any of these actions will immediately be ejected from the game.                                      
  • There will not be any obscene or indecent messages on signs or clothing.
  • Guests will comply with requests from Golden 1 Center staff regarding arena operations and emergency response procedures.

Golden 1 Center has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met. Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard or guest services staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund, revocation of season tickets and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution. 

Compliments, Comments, Concerns

During an event, guests are recommended to express any compliments, comments, or concerns to our Guest Services Station located at Section 109 on the Plaza Level or Section 207 on the Bridge Level. Guests may also submit feedback to Guest Services at [email protected] 


Guests must maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times. Guests using offensive language or engaging in disorderly conduct may be ejected from the facility and may be subject to arrest. Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way for their loss.

Disturbances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Standing on chairs
  • Exposing private body parts
  • Drunk and/or disorderly conduct
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • Interfering with or delay of the game/event
  • Violating Golden 1 Center’s event policies
  • Violating the local, state, and federal laws and statutes
  • Throwing, discharging, or launching any liquid substance or objects
  • Igniting and display of flames, i.e. lighters / matches, in the arena bowl
  • Taunting or using offensive language against the players, referees, or performers
  • Attempting to enter the field of play, court, stage, or backstage areas without permission
  • Using profanity and/or offensive words, which are likely to provoke a violent reaction from others
  • Willfully and maliciously disturbing another guest and/or employee with loud and unreasonable noise

Donate Your Kings Tickets

If you find yourself unable to use your tickets for a Sacramento Kings game, donate your tickets for use by local nonprofits by transferring your tickets to the Sacramento Kings Foundation. You can transfer your tickets to [email protected] via your ClickTix account. Please transfer the tickets at least 3 days in advance of the given game. For all other ticket event donations, please email [email protected]

Donation Requests

The Sacramento Kings make every effort to accommodate the requests of our regional non-profit organizations. We use the following guidelines to help maximize our impact in the community:

  • All requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event day.
  • The organization must be operating within a 75-mile radius of Golden 1 Center.
  • The organization must be a 501(c)(3) organization or school.
  • Organizations are limited to one (1) request within a 12-month period.
  • We do not donate to third parties fundraising on behalf of other organizations.
  • Organizations are expected to pick up approved items.
  • For more information regarding the process for requesting donations, please visit 

Drop-Off Locations

Drop-off locations for Golden 1 Center events and Sacramento Kings games are located:

  • On the east side of 4th between L Street and Capitol Mall
  • On the north side of J Street between 3rd and 5th Street
  • On I Street between 7th and 8th Street

Accessible ADA pick-up and drop-off is available on 4th & J between the Fruit Building and Downtown Commons. 


Elevators are located on:

Plaza Level - Sections 104, 109, 115

Loft Level - Outside L03, L13, L26

Suite Level - Outside S02, S12, S18

Bridge Level - Sections 202, 207, 211, 213

Emergency Evacuation

Golden 1 Center Security and Guest Services Team Members have been trained in evacuation procedures. Should an emergency evacuation situation occur, emergency information will be displayed on the video board and announced on the assistive listening devices and the public address system.

Employment Opportunities

For Golden 1 Center employment opportunities, visit For Sacramento Kings employment opportunities, visit 

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are not permitted to be smoked inside Golden 1 Center at any time. Golden 1 Center is a non-smoking facility.


Golden 1 Center has two escalators that take you from the Plaza Level straight to the Bridge Level. They are located on the East and West side of the arena on the Plaza Level.

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are located on:

Event Level - Assembly, Rush, and Lexus Lounge

Plaza Level - Sections 105, 114, 118, 121

Loft Level - Outside L13 and L42

Suite Level - Outside S11 and S34

Bridge Level - Sections 203 and 220

First Aid

First Aid is located on the Event, Plaza and Bridge Levels. EMTs are on site during all Golden 1 Center events. First Aid is located at sections:                                       

Event Level - Adjacent to Security Office

Plaza Level - Section 118

Bridge Level - Section 207     

Gluten Free Foods

We are proud to offer gluten free local eats at Golden 1 Center events. For more information and a full list of options, visit 

Guest Services

Guest Services Stations are located at Section 109 on the Plaza Level and Section 207 on the Bridge Level. The Guest Services Stations are designed to provide information to guests with questions, concerns, or issues during Golden 1 Center events. We can also provide assistance to guests with disabilities. 

Lost & Found: 

Any items found in the building should be turned into the Guest Services Stations located at Section 109 on the Plaza Level or Section 207 on the Bridge Level. When a game or event has ended, all unclaimed items are logged and secured. Any unclaimed items will be donated or discarded after 30 day. Contact 916.701.5325 for any additional questions. 


Hotel Inn Capitol Plaza Sacramento (0.2 Miles)

300 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.446.0100


Citizen Hotel Sacramento (0.3 Miles)       

926 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.447.2700


Embassy Suites Sacramento (0.3 Miles)

100 Capitol Mall

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.326.5000 


Delta King Hotel Sacramento (0.3 Miles)

1000 Front Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.444.1700


Hyatt Regency Hotel Sacramento (0.5 Miles)

1209 L Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.443.1234


Sheraton Grand Hotel Sacramento (0.6 Miles)

1230 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.447.1700


Quality Inn Sacramento (0.8 Miles)

818 15TH Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.444.3980


Econo Lodge Sacramento (0.9 Miles)

711 16TH Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.443.6631


Comfort Suites Downtown Sacramento (1.1 Miles)

226 Jibboom Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.446.9400


Red Lion Inn Sacramento (1.9 Miles)

1319 30TH Street

Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: 916.538.6676


Hilton Garden Inn Sacramento (2.3 Miles)

2540 Venture Oaks Way

Sacramento, CA 95833

Phone: 916.568.5400


Laptops or any type of personal computers will not be permitted inside Golden 1 Center without a proper credential. 

Lost Children/Persons

Lost children/persons should be reported to the Guest Services Stations at Section 109 on the Plaza Level, Section 207 on the Bridge Level, or to the nearest security officer.

Lost/Stolen Tickets

For lost tickets, guests should contact their original point of purchase. For stolen tickets, guests should contact local law enforcement first, then their point of purchase, with a police report. For more information, please visit the Golden 1 Center Box Office.


For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, masks may not be worn while in attendance of any Golden 1 Center event.

Messages - Birthday/Anniversary

To purchase a special birthday/anniversary message during a Sacramento Kings game, please email [email protected] 

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited inside of Golden 1 Center:

  • Bottles or cans
  • Backpacks
  • Bags larger than 16"x16"x8”
  • Food coolers
  • Outside food/beverages (baby food permitted)
  • Pamphlets, product samples
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets, chairs
  • Laptop computers without proper credentials
  • 2-way radios
  • Balloons, permanent markers, spray paint
  • Cameras: no flash/professional photography, tripods or monopods, or selfie sticks
  • Signs/Flags/Banners/Posters: may not be larger than 11" x 17" or attached to a pole/stick
  • Food, beverage, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers, drugs, illegal substances
  • Weapons, pepper spray/mace, flares, fireworks
  • Frisbees and beach balls
  • Laser pointers
  • Any noise making devices (i.e. air horns, whistles, drums, plastic horns, etc.) excluding cow bells for Sacramento Kings games only
  • Fireworks
  • Audio/Video recording devices
  • Weapons and dangerous devices of any kind
  • Any other items deemed unacceptable by Arena Management


Golden 1 Center has a "no re-entry" policy during events. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies, must first make contact with a Guest Services Supervisor or Manager via the Guest Services Stations to make necessary arrangements.

Sacramento Kings Team Store

The Sacramento Kings Team Store is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday.

Season Tickets

For information regarding the purchase of season tickets, visit or visit the Golden 1 Center Box Office.


Unless otherwise specified by teams and/or event officials/management, Golden 1 Center welcomes guests bringing small signs, banners, posters and flags inside the building to show fan support during events. The following guidelines relate to these items:

  • Item must be related to the event
  • Item may not be attached to a stick/pole
  • Item may not be larger than 11” x 17” in dimension
  • Item may not obstruct any sponsor or advertiser signage
  • Item may not be hung, attached, or displayed on any part of the building
  • Item may not contain or display obscene/offensive language and/or pictures, as determined by Golden 1 Center management
  • Item may not be constructed or displayed in a manner that may obstruct the view of other guests or in any way create a safety hazard for others as determined by Golden 1 Center management.  


Golden 1 Center is a smoke-free building and smoking is prohibited within 250 feet of the arena. Please note re-entry is not allowed if a guest leaves the arena to smoke outside. 


Suite rentals are available for some Golden 1 Center events. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Texting Service

Golden 1 Center has a texting service that allows guests to text directly to arena dispatchers who coordinate medical, security, and facility resources. Text ‘SUPPORT’ to 916.GOT.HELP.

Ticket Resale/Scalping

To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen or voided tickets, guests should make their purchases through authorized outlets only. No person in or upon any public street, sidewalk, or other public place shall sell, re-sell or offer to sell or re-sell any ticket of admission to a place of public assemblage. No person in or upon any place which is open to the public shall sell or re-sell or offer to sell or re-sell any ticket of admission to a place of public assemblage.


Guests, including law enforcement personnel not present in an official capacity, are prohibited from bringing weapons into the arena. Golden 1 Center does not provide weapon lockers and will not check in weapons at the Guest Services Stations or Security. Weapons include, but are not limited to, the following: firearms, explosives, stun guns, handcuffs, brass knuckles, sticks, clubs, batons, martial arts instruments, pepper spray, tear gas, knives, etc. Guests found in possession of the items listed above will be asked to remove the item from the arena or dispose of it. Guests who refuse to comply will be ejected from the arena and may be subject to arrest.

Wireless Internet (WI-FI)

Free Wi-Fi is offered to guests during all Golden 1 Center events by Comcast. Sign onto [email protected] to access.

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